Gingerbread with Orange Icing


You’ve gotta love gingerbread.


Especially gingerbread so yummy you pretty much can’t get enough. And in fact, you shouldn’t have to, because the gingerbread in question is actually healthy.

That’s right. Healthy. Bread. Healthy, guilt free, whole wheat… it’s all the same with this bread. Not to mention the decadent twist included…

When I was brainstorming ideas for my next recipe, I decided on making a Christmas-classic. Gingerbread! But instead of just any gingerbread, I knew I definitely wanted to kick it up a notch. So, what goes good with ginger? Well, for one… Orange! I know it may sound like an unlikely combo, but the sweetness of the orange balanced out by the spiciness of the ginger is completely decadent. And most definitely recipe-worthy.

So next came the question of consistency. Did I want this bread to be hearty, light and airy, or even dense like any good…

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