Meat Free Monday: Simple, Almost Vegan Risotto

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I can’t believe it’s almost April and I haven’t yet put a risotto in my meat free Monday series! I used to love this stuff at university – it’s cheap, tasty and only uses one pan – so less washing up!

I didn’t use a recipe for this, you just add in what you like! I used (for 2 people):

120g Risotto Rice

Vegetable stock cube + 1 litre of water

Cream cheese – 3 tablespoons (this is the non vegan bit! If you have vegan cream ‘cheese’ you could sub this in)

Garlic – 2 cloves

Asparagus, Broccoli, Mushrooms and Sweetcorn (a handful of each)

All you do is fry the vegetables, add in the rice and the stock, boil until the rice has absorbed most of the water then add the cream cheese. You can use any veg that you have so this is a great one to…

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Blueberry Orange Muffins


Muffins are my new favorite things.


Not quite a dessert, yet still sweet enough to completely satisfy a breakfast sugar-craving. Plus, the perfect things to grab and go in the morning or for a mid-afternoon snack.

And even better: they come in about 1000 different flavors, and can be customized any way you please.

Mini or large, classic or “skinny”, whole wheat or gluten free, blueberry or banana-nut, the combinations and possibilities are endless. And top a toasty hot muffin with a dollop of jam or nut butter- the result is none short of heaven.

These muffins are basically the perfect combo of all of the above. In addition to being completely gluten free and vegetarian, they are incredibly easy to make and bake. Additionally, they’re the perfect combo of zesty and sweet- the classic blueberry with a yummy orange zest that definitely kicks them up a few notches.



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Cracking down on food stamp trafficking in Rockingham County

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — Rockingham County’s Program Integrity Unit is trying to crack down on food stamp trafficking, meaning food stamps are sold for money or to buy non-food items.

Investigators in the unit say about one-third of their calls are of reports of people who misuse food stamps.

“They tell you, ‘I will purchase your groceries with my EBT card’ and say for instance your groceries are $200, ‘You only have to give me $100 cash,’” said Wendy Yates, an investigator for the program.

Officials are urging grocery and convenient stores to be on alert for any possible cases of fraud.

Xpress Mart in Reidsville has a zero tolerance policy for customers who try to buy non-food items with their EBT cards.

“Your EBT is for food items only nothing else,” said store clerk Stephanie Isley. “We just can’t do it. We can’t take that risk.”


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Man says hot sauce made with Carolina peppers saved his life

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A man claims hot sauce saved his life, according to ABC News.

Randy Schmitz has always loved hot sauce. So when he was vacationing in Myrtle Beach last summer, he decided to stop at a hot sauce store and take their challenge.

Contestants dip a toothpick in the hot sauce and put it on their tongues. One of the hot sauces is so incredibly hot people are required to sign waivers before sampling it.

It’s called “Flashbang” and combines Carolina Reaper, scorpion, Jolokia and habanero peppers, according to the Huffington Post. The Carolina Reaper was crowed the world’s hottest pepper a few years ago.

The sauce caused him to pass out. Doctors said he had a seizure and his family members…

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Wake County: Coffee Porter Pound Cake

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As I began my search to learn a little more about the food culture of the county I live in and now call home, I quickly realized that Wake County functions as a “melting pot”. While researching Forsyth and Lenoir counties, I zeroed in on a specific recipe that was near and dear to locals I spoke with. This wouldn’t be the case for Wake County, as it’s the capital and a collaboration of natives, re-locators and college students. I wasn’t sure how I was going to define a food or recipe to cover this expansive county.


My adventure started by reading an article in Our State magazine detailing North Carolina State University’s Howling Cow Ice Cream. Reading about the creation of this delightful treat lured me over to Talley Market on N.C. State’s campus to taste it myself. Gary…

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