Burnt Corn, Kale and Lime Salad

Burnt Corn, Kale and Lime Salad1Creating delicious variations on the traditional side salad is something that I love to do in the kitchen! This recipe requires minimal preperation and can be put together in the ten minutes before you serve your main meal. Kale is an ingredient that I tend to use a lot at home because of its amazing nutritious value. For those of you who don’t know, kale is among the healthiest foods in the world! With over 45 different flavonoids contained within, it provides a range of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It is also great for lowering LDL cholesterol levels and lowering risk factors for cancer development.

Adding the juice of one lime to the salad dressing not only helps to bring out the flavour of the other ingredients but also brings a healthy boost to this side dish. They are a fantastic source of vitamin C and folic acid, the latter…

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Vegan Broccoli Salad with Wholegrain Mustard, Golden Raisins & Cherry Tomatoes Topped With Toasted Flaked Almonds.

This scrumptious, fresh summer salad is a fantastic dish to bring to a BBQ. It’s a real crowd pleaser that goes down well every time.

You will need:
1 large head of broccoli, cut in to small pieces
1 red onion, finely sliced
½ red pepper, diced
80g golden raisins, chopped
10-15 cherry tomatoes

For the dressing –
100mls soya yoghurt
1 lemon, juiced
20mls golden syrup
2 tsp of wholegrain mustard
Salt/ pepper

For the topping –
70g flaked almonds, toasted

In a large bowl add the broccoli, peppers, onion and raisins.

Next, start on the dressing. Add all the dressing ingredients into a bowl and whisk together. Season with some salt and pepper.

Pour the dressing onto the broccoli mixture and stir until thoroughly mixed. Sprinkle on the cherry tomatoes, give it a final stir and top with the toasted flaked almonds.

It should keep for 2-3…

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Zucchini Breakfast Casserole

Round Two

Zucchini Breakfast Casserole

In my parent’s garden, there lives The Beast, a 5 foot tall zucchini plant that puts out 2 full-sized zucchinis a day. Even with all the great zucchini recipes we have, it’s hard for three people to consume 14 zucchini a week. (There’s also a pattypan squash plant.) So around this time of year I’m always looking for ways to use up my overflowing vegetable drawer of zucchini.

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Chia Seed Waffle


Chia seeds are my new favorite ingredient!


Not only are they extremely nutrient dense, with 11g fiber and 4g protein per ounce, but they contain Omega-3 fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals beneficial to bone health. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about the little pop of the seeds as you bite into a fluffy, hearty waffle.

Additionally, Chia seeds act as a wonderful binder. No, I’m not referring to the 12 pound AP Chemistry binder you were forced to lug around all through Sophomore year. Chia seeds expand when soaked in liquid, acting as a nice replacement for gluten in any gluten-free recipes. Without the bloating typically associated with gluten-rich foods.

And let’s take a look at the macros of this waffle, shall we?


One large 8″ Belgian Waffle only contains 272 calories, compared to a Bisquick Belgian waffle of the same size with almost 100 additional calories. This…

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Recipe: Baked Buckwheat Oatmeal with Blueberries & Almonds — But First, Breakfast!

Round Two

It’s finally happening: Berry season is upon us. I can now stop staring at my bags of frozen Trader Joe’s berries, wondering when I’ll be able to pick up fresh ones in the store. Here in Seattle, we often see local cherries first and then, of course, all those gorgeous blueberries and strawberries, many from California. I’ve been scattering the blueberries on my yogurt in the morning, but then I thought about making something a bit more substantial — and trying to do so without veering into dessert territory (always an easy go-to for me).

So here’s a version of a baked oatmeal made with one of my favorite grains: buckwheat.



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Spiced Roasted Cauliflower

No Thyme to Waste

This week I’m on a clean eating streak. Eating ‘clean’ means something different for everyone, but for me it means no consumption of empty calories. It means at least 50% of my plate is vegetables, 25% lean protein, and 25% carbohydrates at most (if any at all). Higher fibre when choosing grains and carbs. No dairy. No sugary snacks.

“Goodbye daily, slightly salty chocolate mudslide cookie. Goodbye.”

This forces me, obviously, to be more creative with my meals. Nobody wants boring old salad and chicken breast on a daily basis. At least I sure as hell don’t! But as I’ve mentioned in previous posts: I’m not a fan of the time consuming meal preparation, especially after your long tiring day… not the most ideal. The faster the better. Tonight’s dinner is definitely share worthy. Spiced roasted cauliflower with a mixture of curry, harissa, and za’atar (because who says you can’t mix…

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Gluten Free Chocolate Gingersnap Cereal


Breakfast is awesome.

Cookies are awesome.

Running late for work is not.


That’s why aside from overnight oats, my go-to breakfast before a day of work, or even school, is cereal. Pour it in a bowl, add milk, eat. Repeat. (Or maybe not repeat, especially if you’re running late! ;))

This recipe is packed with whole grains (oats are your FRIEND!) that will keep you fuller longer, while also packing in quite a bit of flavor. The flavor’s actually quite unique. Imagine a chocolate bar and gingersnap had a baby. This cereal is their child.

Meaning it has all the flavor of a gingersnap, with a lovely cocoa kick that spice-lovers and cookie-lovers alike won’t be able to get enough of. (Plus they look like Cocoa Puffs #childhoodmemories)


As this cereal does have a bit of a spicy ginger kick, I like to add chopped dates to mine for a…

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Laverne Cox Gets Ice Cream Flavor Named In Her Honor

Round Two

Laverne Cox is the first openly transgender person to have been nominated for an Emmy, recently had a Madame Tussaud’s wax figure made in her likeness and now she has her very own ice cream flavor. Three Twins Ice Cream, a California-based, organic ice cream company, created limited edition flavors to celebrate Pride Month, and one of them was inspired by the Orange is the New Black actress. The new flavor is called “Laverne Cox’s Chocolate Orange is the New Black” and is described as a “chocolate orange confetti.”

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the silver skillet – atlanta, ga

kelsey v

our dad came in town recently for a weekend getaway, and considering i hadn’t seen him since a hometown visit back in march, i was thrilled for the opportunity to have some quality family time.

we were nearly all together while he was here:  kyle, kari, phillip, and i spent those two days hosting dad at some atlanta classics like el taco veloz and the buford market.  when sunday morning arrived, we piled in the cars and made our way to the silver skillet.  dad had heard about this local institution about a year ago on the food network, and considering it had been featured in movies and tv shows like remember the titans and traveling man, he just had to go and see it for himself.

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