Who Would You Invite to Your Dream Dinner Party?

Who Would You Invite to Your Dream Dinner Party? – https://blog.about.me/2015/07/29/who-would-you-invite-to-your-dream-dinner-party/

Here’s who I would invite (in no particular order):

1. Sir Paul McCartney (vegetarian dishes would be available for him of course)
2. Amy Schumer
3. Barry Gibb
4. Taylor Swift
5. Scotty McCreery
6. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
7. Donnie Wahlberg (who can bring some food from Walhburgers)
8. Rev. Al Green
9. Kelly Clarkson
10. P!nk


Counting Cookies

Ginger's Grocery

“Who ate all the cookies!”

My eleven year old slams the cabinet door. It springs back open in response to the force.

“There are still some cookies left,” I say.

“There is one cookie left. A broken one.”


“There were eight cookies left after dinner last night,” she says. She reviews the facts like a seasoned prosecutor. “William says he only ate one. Dad didn’t eat any, and I didn’t eat any, either. That means that someone ate five cookies between last night and right now.”

Implication: That someone is you, mom.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I say. “I bring all the food in this house. I earn the money that buys it. I shop for it, I put it into the cabinet, and if I want to eat every last thing under our roof, that is what I will do.” And sometimes that is…

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Potato Chops


Goan Mince Meat Potato Chops is a soft delicate potato pattie stuffed with seasoned cooked beef. It is very similar to the Cuban Papas Rellenaswith a couple of twists. Goan’s cook the meat stuffing without peas and carrots, they use cream of wheat instead of bread crumbs as coating and shallow fry the disk shape pattie instead of deep-frying the potato balls. I know it seems quite far apart but when you take a bite it taste very close to the potato chops.

potato-chops-mince-ground-beef-vegetarian-recipe-goanThere are many variations I have seen online. Some use a little flour mixed with the potato mash, an egg wash, bread crumb and corn starch. You can make it vegetarian by using cooked peas and carrots in garam masala with some onions and fresh cilantro/ coriander then mixed with the mashed potato and shallow fried. You can replace the beef with cooked ground chicken or…

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The 5 Vegetarian Meals You’ll See at Weddings — Wedding Woes

Round Two

As a vegetarian, I’m fully ready to admit that my least favorite part of most every wedding I’ve been to is the food. While there have been a few memorable exceptions (and I freely acknowledge how ungrateful I sound), most of the vegetarian options I’ve had have been lackluster or obviously put together as an afterthought.

In the end, it doesn’t matter that much because eating cake, dancing, and celebrating with friends and family are more important. But it does always make me a little sad to compare what’s on my plate with the rest of my tablemates when the meal is served. The vegetarian option usually falls into one of these five categories.



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The Southern Locavore

Jill Dutton | Travel Journalist

While the term “eating local” is a buzz term these days, I’ve found in my travels that it has different expressions in various areas of the U.S. So during my trip south, in each city I’ll take readers step-by-step through a journey of eating local. From a visit to the farmers’ market, a farm-to-table restaurant and interviews with farmers and chefs (plus info on CSAs, farm-to-table restaurants and farmers’ markets in the area), the articles will explore all the flavors unique to each city–and what it means to eat locally in the south.

Please join me on this journey by following my Wanderlust blog, commenting below, or by tweeting or sharing this post. Then follow along as we explore four southern states by rail–and discover the southern locavore.


July 29-30

New Orleans, LA

Eating my way through New Orleans, I’ll stay at The Maison de Ville, which offers guests the chance to enjoy New…

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